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New Movie + Other stuff

2009-03-19 18:38:29 by PanzyFace

Well first off, i'd like to say that i have started on a new movie, i'd like to say that i have a nice story complex and the skilled team of a professional animation crew. I'd LIKE to say that. But i cant. Because that would be lying and that would be bad. Although there are some ideas floating around, nothing has hit the page yet.
Anyway! If you did'nt know yet, Madness Aggregation just hit the mat, and it hit hard. Thats great, but does anyone ever go out of the way for the little guys? Like this movie. Its HILARIOUS!
In other news, I think I'm going to start posting my favorite Youtube videos every week, so here are my top 5:

Heartless cover by The Fray.
I've mentioned this before, not a bad song!

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%u263A Best Guitar Improvisation Ever by David Meshow
This guy is one of my favorite guitarists, he's frigin amazing!

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Its over 9000 Sparta techno remix by fireroy9000
A nice take on an old classic :)

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Newgrounds Transforming Tank by Mindchamber001
Submitted by mindchamber, this rocks.

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Animusic - Future Retro
This kicks ass. 100% bad ass 3d animation!

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Well thats it for me i guess.
Check out those videos, and look out for new movies :).

Go check it out!
The name speaks for itself :D.

Maybe you'll even click a few add while you're there huh? :D

Im on a boat Mutha F!@#er!

2009-03-13 08:07:45 by PanzyFace

"Believe me, i fucked a mirmade!"

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Pico:Reloaded Updates

2009-03-12 08:26:56 by PanzyFace

It's gonna be awhile.
Unfortunatly, i dont think im going to be able to make pico day, due to various difficulties.
We're always looking for artist if you want to be a part of the PKPDteam.
So until then, heres a turn around, firing sequence. Straight from Pico:Reloaded.

Pico:Reloaded Updates

Pico: Reloaded

2009-03-07 15:55:53 by PanzyFace

So, i was watching the tank awards, and Tom said somthing about Pico 2.
I'm not a newb, i know my way around newgrounds. I have an account from 2006. But anyway.
So i got to searching ng, and i went back and watched a classic. "Pico Unloaded". Now this gave me inspiration that i havent had in a DAMN long time. The inspiration to animate. As I have been fooling around in the game area for quite a while, I think this would be a good project for me to uptake.
So my idea, "Pico Reloaded"(original right?), is planned to continue where to story left off. Naturally, ill need to get mind chamber's permission before I do this (as not to be an ass hole), i hope i can have it done by pico day 09. See you there!
Also check out the poster i put together!

Pico: Reloaded

The fray---OH SHIT!

2009-03-06 08:21:03 by PanzyFace

I was looking 'round on youtube, and heres what i come across:

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And i think, "Oh, ok, this is kind of coo--- WAIT A MINUTE!!!"
So i have this revelation.
As soon as lincoln park hit the rap scene, they sold out faster then fresh baked muffins!!!
Is the same thing going to happen to The Fray? I sure hope not.

The fray---OH SHIT!

Majik Battle is dead.

2009-03-05 18:26:17 by PanzyFace

Unfortunatly today i bear bad news.
The game that i have worked on so hard, is dead.
Here is the reason:
The file is 6.08 MBs. And i only have 2 cities done. out of 9. There is no was i could make that mark. I'm sorry, but it is practically imposible.
Thanks to all who helped with this project,

Majik Battle Beta 1.0.1

2009-03-01 00:23:37 by PanzyFace

1.0.1 is here! Some fixed glitches and ads added. If someone would be so kind to click on an ad, that would be amazing.
K thanks,

General Updates.

2009-02-26 18:09:27 by PanzyFace

Ok so just an update I've released the cinimatic trailer to Majik Battles and due to this i'm going to release an animated history of the majik battles universe.
So look out for that.
As for the game itself, its coming along. Slowly.
I'd like to welcome a new member to the crew, logan, he's been my friend for a while and i invited him as a programmer.
Ok i think thats about it.

Need Background Artists.

2009-02-16 17:59:54 by PanzyFace

I'm currently looking for background artists for the game "Majik Battles"(TBR).
I'm not much of a background artist, or much of an artist in general, so if someone would like to help there is a co-author spot for you!