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2009-02-14 11:05:06 by PanzyFace

I'm Looking for voice actors for a game im making. You can look at the beta here on newgrounds.
I just need a deep voice for cinimatics.
And various voices for civilians to say such as "Hi!" or "Hello!"
Just contact me for lines!

Today ill be releasing 2 things:
The Private Beta Opt-In
and the public beta game.
To opt in for the private beta, just post or Pm.
To Play the public beta, go to tm
for the public beta, there is no password, just press login.


2009-02-06 08:05:57 by PanzyFace

Well. Ok so my majik battles demo was not exacly welcomed with open arms, But i guarentee the real game will be much better. Mind those of you who gave crappy, non-constructive critisism, that it was only the tutorial level. And thank you to all who gave good, constructive critism!

Huge new Project

2009-02-05 08:47:22 by PanzyFace

Ok well im starting this huge new project called majik battle!
I dont have any information really, but demo is out!
Check it out!

Crotch kick collab

2009-01-20 08:48:02 by PanzyFace

Done with my part for the crotch kick collab!


2009-01-13 18:59:24 by PanzyFace

Its a drug.